Welcome to the Cromo N.B. Website. Founded in 1927 by N.G. Basevi, and continuing the tradition with the Comincini Family, CROMO N.B. was the first to introduce color printing to what had been exclusively black and white reproductions.  Throughout this time, CROMO N.B. has maintained its leading edge.   Today, CROMO N.B. ( Milan Italy ) is recognized as the foremost publisher of Fine Religious Art. Cromo N.B. is home to the world's renowned top religious artists including - Simeone!  Cromo today is the leading producer and designer for the world market for Greeting Cards  and Religious Prints.

In addition to the Religious Art line Cromo N.B. also boasts one of the biggest library of designs for Greeting Cards including humor, everyday, baptism, birth cards, communion, confirmation and wedding announcements.

Cromo N.B. Italy

Via Monte Nero, 7               
   20010 Bareggio - (Mi) Italy                                
   Tel:  90361805                                         
   Fax: 90364135                                      
   Mr. Federico Comincini

   For Sales & Info Contact:
   Mr. Federico Comincini / E-Mail: federico@cromo.com   


Francesca Creation s.r.o Group CROMO NB
Skultetyho, 1
03601 Martin
Slovak Republic
Tel 00 421 434 224 810
Fax 00 421 434 224 217
Mr. Gregory Delton
Mr. Gregory Delton/ E-Mail: gregory@cromo.com   


Copyright Enforcement and Licensing:

Basevi Inc.
1317 N San Fernando Rd. #264
Burbank CA 91504
Tel: 818-841-4916
Fax: 818-841-3379
Contact: Mr. Carlos George  
e-mail: carlos@basevi.com


Via Monte Nero, 7    20010 Bareggio - (Mi) Italy
Tel: +39-90361805 Fax: +39-90364135
Email: General Information: info@cromo.com
Sales: sales@cromo.com
Customer Service: customerservice@cromo.com

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